Weekly Posting of the Conservative Cow Doctor



I spent opening weekend elk hunting in the Missouri Breaks and the mid-October downpours had rendered the boggy coulees and canyons impassible to horses.  Tracks along the high ridges suggested many elk had moved to the safety of the dense willows surrounding the river several days prior to our arrival.  While probing the Missouri river bottoms for a straggling elk, I came across an abandoned log house with six, log outbuildings.  The action was slow, so my hunting buddy, Mark, and I explored these log ruins.  As we both have built blisters with a draw knife and ax, we admired the log joinery indicating the sweat equity someone invested in this little homestead.  The largest structure contained three rooms, obviously constructed as three separate projects and I surmised this rancher was simultaneously building his herd, his house and his family.  Could they talk, the rotting log walls likely held stories revealing the good and bad days of ranching on the greasewood flats of the Missouri.  Those folks are long gone, so I can only speculate how this family story ended.  Whether polio, or influenza took them in the early 1900s, or bankruptcy hamstrung them during the depression matters not.  Sadly, the day came when someone decided to walk away and abandon their family dreams.  Here is why this is timely. 

We are one week from the most pivotal election in American history and sadly, a victory by the Clinton machine destroys America.  Should the Donald come out on top, our republic might survive because a more circuitous route to America’s collapse gives us patriots more time to alter our nation’s course.   However, because progressivism has saturated America, John Q. Public has become obsessed with freebies while remaining clueless about freedom and what it takes to run a constitutional republic founded on limited government.  Much must change, and this brings me to my point.   

Regardless the election results and unlike the homesteaders who abandoned their dreams on the greasewood flats of the Missouri, I refuse to just walk away and let all I have worked for be scavenged by wolves, weather and progressive politicians.  I will continue doing everything in my power to drive this nation back to the liberty principles upon which she was founded and I trust you will do the same.  The dream called America only dies if we give up.                     


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