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 A few years back my nephew and his trophy wife stuck close to the calving barn anticipating the birth of their first child.  New mother Erin’s pregnancy was uneventful right up to the point where she almost died during delivery.  Fortunately, the story had a happy ending for mom, dad and their baby girl.  The new parents were understandably hesitant to risk another roll of the pregnancy dice, so they soon adopted a baby sister to join their firstborn.  On a grocery run, mom had both babies stuffed in a Wal-Mart cart when a fellow shopper began cooing over the wee ones.  After gushing how cute they were the shopper innocently asked, “For sisters, why do they look so different?” 

Without missing a beat, Erin deadpanned, “They have different fathers.”  

The curious lady froze, her mouth dropped open and she said not a word before returning to her shopping.  This brings me to my point.   

Last Tuesday, I clicked on the live feed of FBI Director, James Comey announcing his verdict concerning former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s criminal investigation.  After meticulously listing her many blatant violations of federal law, Director Comey deadpanned no charges would be filed as Secretary Clinton did not intend to break the law.  Like our curious shopper in Wal-Mart, I am sure dead silence struck millions of Americans struggling to process Comey’s conflicting conclusion.  Unfortunately, this decree reveals something far more sinister than a simple cover-up. 

For the past decade, advocates for a massive ruling authority adopted the word “progressive” so as to put a smiley face on their scheme dividing America into the ruling class and the unwashed.  Millions of the little people have foolishly jumped onboard the progressive wagon thinking coveting their neighbor’s stuff was moving them forward.  It does not.  

Leftists should be labeled “regressives;” a much more descriptive term of the evil powers leading America back into tyranny. Like blue heelers at farm sales, regressives are everywhere and they share an allegiance to government stronger than the bond between a mother and her child.  A Christian conservative binds themselves to the Bible and Constitution, while a regressive binds themselves to government and their dream of a two-tiered utopia.  Sadly, regressives own the executive, legislative and judiciary branches along with the entire bureaucracy, so Comey deciding to give comrade Hillary Clinton a pass is not surprising.  Had he indicted Secretary Clinton, a regressive judge would simply have set her free.  In our regressive America, the political elite impose laws to control the unwashed who in turn submit so as to receive the free stuff.  Our once great republic where all men are created equal has regressed into a banana republic.  How did you not see this coming?                    


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