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Around noon Saturday, the trophy wife and I were walking back to camp after she completed her 20th mile of the Ragnar Teton Trail Relay.  A young lady we had never met, trotted towards us and blurted, “You are such an inspiration to me.”  We smiled and without missing a step, she continued to the start line.  Competitors in this Grand Targhee race were mostly millennials and since the trophy wife and I are closing out our fifth decade, we were outliers—not the oldest runners, but close.  As silver-haired athletes, it is nice to be inspiring, but the emotion I feel for the younger runners, is a blend of envy and concern.  First the envy.

 Many Ragnar runners pitched multiple tents and filled them with small children.  I smiled reminiscing of sunsets past when my children cuddled fireside in their Care-Bear sleeping bags sipping hot chocolate.  Those were the good old days.  Someday I plan to enter a team of my grandchildren in a Ragnar.  The six oldest can pound out the loops with Nana and me, while the four middle ones watch the five littlest ones.   Now, to my concern.     

 The Ragnar advertisements boasted of the earth friendliness of their event.  For example, coffee was provided at the base camp along with water on the course, but runners had to provide their own, non-disposable cups.  I understand this virtually eliminates litter, which is fine, but claiming this will save the planet is a bit of a stretch.  Millennials have been so indoctrinated to believe the world will end if mankind does not recycle, conserve and buy carbon credits, they instinctively buy anything shaded clean and green.  Ragnar aggressively capitalized on this and even though I enjoyed the run, I didn’t buy the lie.  This brings me to my point. 

Progressives have been lying to millennials since they were wearing sleepers and sipping hot chocolate.  Man-caused climate change is a complete con designed to cripple capitalism and instill Marxism.  Because most millennials were never educated in scientific methodology, they reflexively believe a powerful central government can control the weather through tax policy.  See my concern?  Certainly, there are millennial outliers who fight this fraud, but unlike we senior runners, they cannot be identified by the color of their hair.  Could I have found them, I am certain their stories of resisting Marxist indoctrination would have been inspiring.  The sad truth is, progressivism’s climate change scam has infected our entire nation.  Thousands of coal miners are out of work thanks to a fraudulent, EPA directive and this is just the beginning.  Refinery and railroad workers will be next.  One political party derives its power from crippling the economy and creating dependency, so vote freedom or stay home.
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