Weekly Posting of the Conservative Cow Doctor



Buckshot was a great bird dog, but his habit of swallowing [k1] odd objects shortened his career.  Large rocks were his favorites and over the years he gave himself four, mini-boulder, bowel obstructions.  Every time Buckshot started vomiting, a couple abdominal x-rays quickly confirmed our suspicions.  Because boulder blockages rarely correct themselves, Buckshot usually went directly from x-ray to surgery.  At a thousand dollars per whack, he rapidly became the most expensive retriever in our practice.  There were other labs from high dollar bloodlines, products of months of expensive training, but in terms of medical maintenance costs, Buckshot was the champion.

 Buckshot’s owner had tears in her eyes the fourth time he went to surgery.  Marge lived for bird season and Buckshot was her favorite, but this little game was exhausting her resources.  Because Buckshot was an OCD afflicted Labrador retriever with a bad rock habit, after his fourth surgery he was never allowed in field or forest without a wire muzzle.  With his feather fetching duties behind him, Buckshot only offered companionship sitting in the duck blind; something he did admirably well.  Let’s leave Marge and Buckshot scanning a November sunrise for ducks while I appear to change topics.  Don’t worry, we will be right back. 

 Ruling class Democrats, media and Hollywood elites are as obsessed with destroying the Trump administration as Buckshot was with swallowing rocks.  Russian collusion was the weakest infraction upon which they could base impeachment proceedings, but it has become their Last Stand Hill.  With retriever impulsiveness, fake news activists have been reflexively advancing the chosen narrative.  Tuesday’s headlines revealing Donald Trump Jr.’s e-mail conversation with a Russian attorney appeared to be the collectivists’ biggest break, but two days later, the story fizzled.  Natalie Veselnitskaya, the Russian attorney in question, worked for Fusion GPS, a firm hired by Democrat operatives during the 2016 campaign to develop opposition research on Trump.  Clearly a con, this is the flavor of the week in the Russian collusion illusion and this brings me to my point.

 Because a representative republic depends on a well-informed populace, a free and independent media serves a critical function.  Unfortunately, the medias’ innate bias has rendered them no more useful than a muzzled Labrador sitting in a duck blind.  




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