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    Crop Failure    

A couple weeks ago, I examined a cow herd with a high incidence of small, weak calves and premature births.  Eating pine needles can do this, but these cows were confined to a sagebrush flat with the only pine trees being backdrop scenery two miles to the west.  I walked the pregnant heifer pen and saw several piles of loose manure suggesting a mild, mal-digestion issue, but when I stepped into the small pasture holding the freshly-calved heifer pairs, the seriousness of the situation smacked me aside the face.  Facing the nutritional drain of lactation, the new mommas were terribly thin and their babies were dull and hollow.  An immediate ration change was needed for any chance to salvage both this calf crop as well as the next due to the impending conception failure in these young mommas.  This is the perfect analogy to today’s millennials. 

A recent YoungGov survey reveals 43 percent of millennials under 30 years of age favor socialism, while less than 33 percent favor capitalism.  Contrast this with seniors where only 23 percent favor socialism, with 63 percent favoring capitalism.  This proves most over the age of 65 understand what can be achieved when the human spirit is set free, but it also suggests the baby boomers who raised today’s millennials were better economists than parents.  They ruined an entire calf crop and here is how:         

Since the 1970s, the admired virtues of American ingenuity, hard work, ambition and self-reliance have been slowly replaced by participatory ribbons, political correctness and safe spaces.  Long gone are the invaluable, honest mentors who told you, “your sixth grade teacher may have said you are special, but to me you are worthless until the results of your endeavors prove otherwise.”  With 93.4 million Americans no longer in the work force, we have one-third of the populace riding in the wagon being pulled by the other two-thirds.  This cannot be sustained and it gets worse.  If the millennials represent a lost calf crop, imagine the generation they will raise.     

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