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Demeaning Dead Soldiers

In 1868, General John Logan of the Grand Army of the Republic proclaimed Decoration Day to remember those who died defending “their country during the late rebellion.”  Over time, the holiday was renamed Memorial Day to honor battlefield deaths in every military conflict from 1775 to the present day.  The idea called America is founded on the truth that God created all men equal and endowed them with the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; a concept so inspirational more than 650,000 soldiers have died securing American freedom.  For one day every year, we memorialize their sacrifice, yet ignore it on the remaining 364.  Today, our liberty is more fragile than ever. 

 Our republic is approaching a second not-so-civil war with defenders of liberty being attacked by fellow citizens.  Rather than battlefield casualties wearing blue or gray uniforms, the KIAs of 2017 will be police officers, Christians and Trump supporters along with other innocent bystanders.  To dismiss Black Lives Matter, By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), Antifa, Obama’s Organizing for Action, Never Trumpers, Clinton’s Onward Together and main stream fake-news propagandists as “B-team” irritants is to underestimate liberty’s enemy.  When the outgoing president, the losing candidate and 51 percent of the electorate violently refuse to accept election results, the peaceful transfer of political power is over.    

 Do not be misled.  Today’s hooded, violent, protesters do not resemble the flag waving patriots at Tea Party rallies.  Common to Tea Partiers was a Christian, undying love of country and the passion to see the restoration, rather than the destruction, of our constitutional republic.  Faith, family and freedom prompted ordinary Americans to do extraordinary things and using ballots over bullets advocates for limited government regained control of the House, Senate and now the Presidency.  We in the hinterlands are holding our breath to see if elected officials will hold true to their political promises, or cave to compromise.  Sadly, spinelessness is just as infectious as courage and this brings me to my point. 

Over the 240-year history of our republic, the love of freedom prompted American soldiers to lay down their lives for their fellow man; a sacrifice we honor this Memorial Day.  Today, leftists have replaced this love of liberty with a love of government and to offer an opinion contrary to collectivism is to invite a violent rebuke.  This demeans the sacrifice of dead soldiers because love of the state is not the principle for which they died.         



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