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Great American Resurrection     

Get in, sit down, shut up and hang on, America is on track to be great again.  For decades, the ruling class secured power by cultivating covetousness and promoting theft.  This idolatrous worship of government placed our nation on a path to destruction, but last November, voters flipped positions to embrace the principles upon which our nation was founded.  Consistent with that change, President Trump recently delivered on a major campaign promise by rejecting President Obama’s Paris Climate Change Accord.  This advances liberty at the expense of global wealth redistribution and to freedom-loving patriots, this was the second shot heard round the world.  Once again, America is free!

 Compared to all the nations throughout history, our idea called America is truly exceptional.  Only here can, or could citizens of little means or social status see their wildest dreams bear fruit.  These united states are filled with first generation millionaires; mechanics, coal miners, oil filed roughnecks, electricians, nurses, teachers, farmers and ranchers who have accumulated a net worth over a million dollars.  This path to success does not exist in the socialist democracies of Europe, or the Marxist regimes of Asia.  Only in America—a constitutional republic founded on freedom and limited government. 

 President Trump’s proper and constitutional rejection of the Paris Accords will completely unscrew resistors afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome.  These hysterical obstructionists are either elite members of the ruling class or fully indoctrinated minions of the unwashed.  There is no third category.  Leftists will not willingly surrender control, so expect violence.  Interestingly, the white sheet clad militants of the KKK are today’s black-hooded, progressive resistors and it is now acceptable for the main stream media and the entertainment industry to portray the severed head of presidents as humor.  Nothing is off-limits for progressives attempting to silence those with whom they disagree. 

 You can expect to see elitists in the ruling class claim President Trump’s action will destroy the planet.  It will not.  Most scientists dismiss anthropogenic global warming as poppycock because man lacks the ability to alter our changing climate.  Can you turn your yard, well, or pasture into a fetid cesspool?  Absolutely.  Can you adjust the world’s weather through tax policy?  Absolutely not and to suggest otherwise is the epitome of arrogance.

 Free market capitalism has made America an economic powerhouse and this is the tool God uses to spread goodness and relieve human suffering around the world.  President Trump has set us free and we are on a path to make America great again.      



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