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    Hot, Dry and Taxed      

I recently completed a project to defend my ranch house from the springtime onslaught of too much water.  The house sits on a gravel bar at the foot of Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains.  It was built in 1932 and amazingly the foundation is fairly stable even though the water table is four inches above the basement floor.  During the wet months, East Pass Creek flows in the foundation cracks and out the floor drains; a situation of little concern to my mother and father who live there.  This running water drives me insane, so I trenched footing drains around the entire house.  Ground water will now bypass the basement year-round rather than just during the government approved droughts, such as the one we are currently enjoying.  

In case you missed the “no sh**” decision from the Montana’s Drought Advisory Committee, we are in a drought.  Since our ranch is on the fringe of cell service, such government enlightenment is spotty, so I concluded the same, strictly by observing the powdery dry excavated dirt and I consumed no tax dollars in the process.  With afternoon temperatures bouncing around 100 degrees, gluing perforated pipe while bent over in the trenches is exactly how I imagine hell had I been surrounded by Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.  Here is why I mention this: 

If you allow progressives to define your reality, you have likely bought the lie it has never been this hot or this dry.  Data dictates it has been hotter, drier, colder, wetter, windier and calmer independent of US tax policy.  However, determined to crush capitalism, Secretary John Kerry recently claimed air conditioners pose a greater threat to America than does ISIS.  As a two-pronged attack on freedom, the UN International Research Panel (UNIRP) proposed taxing red meat to raise prices and eliminate consumption, thereby removing 14.5 percent of greenhouse gasses from their imaginary global warming equation.  The UNIRP suggest a wholesale tax, which means the cow-calf guy, backgrounder, or the feedlot operator will take a huge hit and this brings me to my point. 

There is one political party passionately in love with the UN and all their manipulative, Marxist decrees.  If you make your living on the back of a horse, tractor or feed truck and you vote for Hillary Clinton you deserve what you will get.  Unfortunately, your ignorance of America’s true enemy impacts us all, so either vote for liberty and limited government or do not vote at all.                      



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