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Man Card


Male millennials about to vote for the first time should know supporting Democrats requires surrendering your man-card.  Today’s party of the “working man” necessitates said men  exchange talent, ambition, self-reliance, firearm ownership, rugged individualism and tireless work ethic for the belief they are incapable, emasculated wimps unable to provide for themselves or their family.  If you disagree with my premise because you are a gun owning, self-sufficient, working man who also votes Democrat, do you realize your values are polar opposite to those of your party?  The Democrat party left the working man decades ago.   

Fifty percent of the population swap their man-cards for dependency every election.  For you compassionate types, do not let yourself get sucked into the vortex Democrats are for poor people.  There is absolutely nothing charitable about trapping the downtrodden in dependency.  Poverty is a trap whose only escape is a good job, not more government programs.   

Unfortunately, our pool of political alternatives is suffering in a drought.  The tea party movement gave Republicans control of the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2012, believing the promise the GOP would stop President Obama’s Marxist policies.  Apparently, they were lying because establishment Republicans so adore praise from the left wing media, they fully funded each of President Obama’s directives.  I used to think there was an enormous ideological difference between Democrats and Republicans, but now I see establishment Republicans as being Democrats who claim to waste tax dollars more efficiently.  Half the members of the GOP have cashed in their man-cards and are so feminized they are practically lactating.  If it weren’t for President Obama waving the banner for transgender bathrooms, establishment Republicans would lack the proverbial pot in which to pee.  How ironic.         

This leaves a small minority of GOP lawmakers, plus Donald Trump, as candidates with the backbone to oppose the pathological growth of government.  However, if Hillary Clinton is sworn in on January 20th, male millennial’s shouldn’t be surprised to wake up the 21st finding themselves wearing capris pants and no longer able to back up a horse trailer, or change a flat tire.  It is all to degrade your manhood and trap you in dependency.  In terms of America’s greatest statesmen, Donald Trump may not be the best choice, but this November he is the only choice.   
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