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  Pig Lipstick

Because it is nearly fair time, let’s talk about pigs.  In Montana’s 2007 legislative session, Representative Roger Koopman dismissed the Judiciary Committee’s efforts to fix a bad bill as being “lipstick on a pig.”  It was the first I had heard this expression, but it is decades old.  I typically avoid repeating clichés, but this one so fits today’s topic it would be wordsmithing negligence to not use it.  WTF is lipstick on a pig.  Here is the story.

Except for former President Obama, the Democrat party has become the home of participation trophies and red ribbons.  Had the GOP nominated a constitution minded presidential candidate rather than trans-partisan Senator John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012, Barak Obama would have rightfully remained a never-was rather than a has-been.  They didn’t and America is still reeling from her mistake.  However, since 2008, voters have rejected the progressive ideology in legislative and governorships across America and here is why:  Contrary to the fake news, the Democrats are the party of the wealthy brooding over those begging for crumbs.  Never forget dependency is as binding and unmerciful as slavery.  The GOP is the party of the middle class; especially the industrious ones clawing their way to the upper class.  Just because this absolute contradicts deeply held beliefs, does not make it less true.

 Tech billionaire founders of LinkedIn and Zynga were so shocked by Hillary Clinton’s loss they joined forces to be certain President Trump becomes a one-term political anomaly.  On July 4th, knowing the millennial’s mind is digitally focused, they excitedly launched their WTF program; their acronym for Win The Future.  They are proposing a three-pronged attack of modernizing candidates, fortifying voter engagement and crowdsourcing their political agenda on social media sites.  Knowing fake news media has their back, ruling class elitists are anticipating huge victories in upcoming elections.  However, there is one problem and this brings me to my point.

 The Democrat message does not resonate with ordinary middle-class Americans.  President Obama bankrupted health care, allowed the nuclear armament of Iran and North Korea, opened the door for dirty old men to use the little girl’s room and forced military institutions to accept soldiers, sailors and airmen confused by their anatomical sex.  To herald these misgivings as accomplishments is like putting lipstick on a pig and candidates who endorse this progressive platform can expect a red ribbon.           


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