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  Repeal and Replace Progressives       

America’s framers wisely designed rules limiting government power and public servants pledge their allegiance to this national rulebook when taking their oath of office.  Unfortunately, progressives immediately ignore this oath because their policies can only be advanced after destroying these constitutional restrictions.  It is neither equality, nor fairness, nor diversity, nor tolerance which makes America great—it is freedom.  

 Progressivism, liberalism and socialism are synonymous ideologies encouraging covetousness to coerce the unwashed to worship oppressive government over freedom.  Sadly, getting something for nothing has so infected the American soul, liberty focused patriots can barely hold the freebee beast in check.  Voters in Venezuela were similarly promised the pie-in-the-sky benefits of socialism, to later learn the pie was reserved for the ruling class.  Under the guise socialism is for the little people, or the children, progressives in both parties endeavor to destroy all that is great about the idea called America and here is the proof.          

 After seven years of promising to repeal Obamacare, seven progressive, Senate Republicans flipped and voted with the Senate Democrat block.  To repeal only after substituting a replacement, is to surrender to the argument healthcare delivery is necessary and proper function of government.  It is not.  After 241 years, government control of anything guarantees said service or commodity will be rationed, complicated, expensive and of questionable quality.  Is it not obvious why the ruling class exempted themselves from Obamacare?  Implementing policy which is “good for thee, but not for me,” should make every patriot’s blood boil.

 Democrats are certain the GOP’s struggle with Obamacare guarantees socialist success in the 2018 midterm elections, but they are missing the point.  The American electorate soundly rejected progressivism in 2016.  After the Republicans sold voters out on the Obamacare repeal, flipping their allegiance from fake Obamacare opponents to true Obamacare advocates would mimic jumping from the skillet into the fire.    

 Making America great again is a two-step process:   First, reject all Democrats in general elections and two, replace progressive Republicans at the primary level.  Step two is made problematic by the 21 states with open primaries.  From my four-term tenure in Montana’s House, I witnessed the sad fact many of our Treasure State’s most conservative legislative districts are represented by the most progressive Republicans.  Removing an incumbent, progressive Republican is almost impossible, so restoring our great republic will take great time and effort.  Be strong, determined and persistent, because our cause is just.     


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