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Sandra Fluke: Poster Child of a Progressive America

You have probably seen the hoopla over Sandra Fluke and the cost of contraception for her colleagues at Georgetown University Law School. Before a mock congressional hearing she testified $1000 per year for contraception is cost prohibitive for students and this expense should be borne by people who actually have jobs. (This makes sense to her because she is still in college.) When I finished banging my head on the table, I pulled out my imaginary photo albums and reminisced about the free-love college days in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Things were different then. I remember John earning $1000 per month for sex at Colorado State University, so contraceptive costs were meaningless to him. Let me tell you about John.

John was a swinger, but not your typical a sex symbol. He was hairy, had short legs, fat belly and he slobbered a lot, but the vet school rumor mill said he was earning nearly $300 per week practicing his trade. John’s registered name was John-Boy and he was a grand champion English bulldog owned by a pharmacology instructor at Colorado State. Lamenting John-Boy’s stud service popularity, Steve, a classmate of mine whined, “That dang dog makes $1000 per month in stud fees and I can’t even give it away.” Enough said about the good old days and this brings me to my point: How in the world did the political debate descend to the level of contraception for coeds?

Sandra Fluke’s testimony was purposely designed to rally support behind the president’s plan for nationalized healthcare. Voters were prepped weeks earlier during a Republican presidential debate when George Stephanopoulos asked Mitt Romney whether states had the right to outlaw contraception. Mr. Romney should have answered, “That is an incredibly stupid question.” Unfortunately, he took the bait, answered the question, thus opening the door for the secular-progressives to focus attention on contraception rather than issues like the economy, the ballooning national debt and $5 gasoline.

This 2012 election is one of the most critical in our nation’s history. For over a century, America has been incrementally trading liberty for perceived security and we have reached critical mass. The implementation of Obamacare will be the death nail in the coffin of our republic. If government assumes financial responsibility for contraception, does logic not dictate they will also have the right to say who receives it and what type? When America crosses this threshold, it is not much of a stretch to say healthcare bureaucrats will eventually decide who lives and who dies.

It will take decades to reverse direction and restore our constitutional republic. If you think government can better spend your money in regards to things like electric cars, light bulbs, contraception, healthcare and the flush volumes of your toilet, there is one political ideology you should support. If you feel qualified to make such decisions yourself, then chose candidates on the freedom side of the political spectrum. Do not fall for the Sandra Fluke head fake. If a majority of voters think the 2012 elections are about contraception, we are screwed. How ironic.

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