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The Nine Commandments


If you dismiss the Ten Commandments as fiction, you will find nothing of value in the remainder of this column.  Please skip to the classifieds.  If you accept all Ten Commandments as the word of God, you too will find nothing new here.  However, if you are an enlightened progressive, we need to talk because the ruling class is convincing you the Tenth Commandment, thou shall not covet, and Eighth Commandment, thou shall not steal, have been repealed.  I will explain.  

Coveting your neighbor’s stuff seems harmless, so most people naturally forget it.  It is as if God finished His nine most important points, but thought The Nine Commandments flowed so awkwardly off the tongue, He tacked on a Tenth. However, not coveting what belongs to others is the principle upon which the remaining commandments are based.  If you did not covet your neighbor’s wife, oxen or lawn furniture, you would not commit adultery, steal, bear false witness, or kill to obtain his property.  Even idolatry, worshiping other gods, hinges on covetousness.  However, in a progressive utopia, the unwashed are encouraged to covet because government becomes the trendy, new and improved god of free stuff. 

Campaigning is covetousness on steroids with successful candidates convincing the little people they are entitled to all their neighbor has earned.  Politicians promise to use the full force of the government to steal stuff to give to voters…less a moderate handling fee to cover administrative costs.  Here is proof. 

Number crunchers at the American Action Forum reveal Hillary Clinton is promising to steal an additional 1.3 trillion tax dollars from your neighbor under the guise they need to pay their fair share.  Additionally, 0.9 trillion additional dollars will come from the easiest crime victims; neighbors not yet conceived.   This whopping 2.2 trillion dollar additional deficit spending is mostly due to her family leave and student loan programs, so answer me this:  Why is my time with my family less important than your time with yours?  Someone always works overtime to pay for the left’s illusion of generosity and fairness.  This should disgust freedom loving Americans, yet 50 percent of voters fall for it every election.  Will you?    


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