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Two Steps Down a Slippery Slope

In 1912, the progressive movement began systematically, incrementally, and purposely disassembling our great American republic. Through excessive, endless, unrelenting and suffocating regulation they are destroying American ingenuity and self-reliance and conditioning the populace to accept dependency. (“Regulation is the key to stabilization” is how certain progressive utopian authors have phrased it.) To be enslaved, you must first be broken and progressives masterfully use a two step process. Let me explain the steps.

#1 The Prep: Absolutely nothing appears in the mainstream media by sheer chance; everything is printed or broadcast with a specific purpose. Prepping the populace can take months or years depending on the complexity of the desired results. It took 16 years to condition the American public to accept universal health care as a birth right.

#2 The Sting: Once adequately prepped so the masses are demanding regulation, the sting is often the easiest step in the transformation to Marxism. Sometimes the sting is so subtle the commoner class doesn’t even recognize it has occurred. Other times, it is a bold smack between the eyes as if you were clubbed with a two by four. Just such a whack occurred at a press conference in Helena on Christmas Eve. Here is the story.

Montana’s Law and Justice Interim Committee has been studying the DUI problem and is preparing nearly 15 different legislative solutions. Coincidently (I am sure it is just a coincidence), for two months, news stories of DUI offenders with multiple convictions have blanketed Montana’s mainstream media suggesting a horrendous epidemic has swept our Treasure State. We’ve been prepped to accept these 15 new interim committee regulations so we can be safe. Then on December 24th, Governor Schweitzer held an amazing press conference. Why would the governor call the media ten days before the most contentious session of his tenure and provocatively dismiss all legislators as a “bunch of boozers”? Was it the lunatic ravings of an unhinged mind finally snapping under the reality he is facing an unbalanced state budget? Nope. He knew exactly what he was doing and it is one of the most brilliant political moves I have ever seen; the perfect sting. Here is why.

Without reading them in depth, I will make the blanket statement most all the 15 DUI bills will be ineffective. They are merely more of the same and if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got. However, one of the bills significantly empowers the police state by demanding citizens charged with an offense to surrender constitutional rights without due process of law; it is the perfect storm for progressive regulation and if Americans accept this, they will tolerate anything.

If we can’t kill these bills in committee, when they hit the House floor, all 32 constitutional conservatives will hold firm to their oath of office to support the constitution and vote “no.” All other legislators, fearful because the governor previously labeled them a “boozer”, will fall all over themselves clamoring to vote “yes”. Progressives will score two solid victories because not only does regulation grow, conservatives can then be labeled as pro drunk driving in the 2012 election. I can imagine the campaign photos now of a mangled car complete with a sheet covered loved-one and the caption “Kerns loves drunk drivers!”

Politics is such a noble profession—and this is exactly how progressives have used every crisis, both real and imagined, to force politicians to slowly separate America from her Constitution.

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