Weekly Posting of the Conservative Cow Doctor



Years back, I conducted a trivia contest during closing ceremonies of our Double Rafter Cattle Drives. During the week-long drive, I would jot down seemingly insignificant observations pertaining to life in the saddle and the most observant guest would win a Montana Silversmith, belt buckle at our final banquet. For instance, during one of our September trips, the high country was blanketed with 14 inches of wet snow, forcing us to shovel snow to pitch the cooking and sleeping tents. By the second afternoon, the temperature rocketed to 70 degrees thereby morphing our winter wonder land camp into a muddy feedlot. Jerry, a ranching neighbor, frequently helped us on these trips and as the stepped into the cook tent for morning coffee I noticed the plastic bread wrappers in each of his overshoes. I grabbed my shirt-pocket note pad and scribbled this little tid-bit for the trivia game.

Just as the four-wheeler has done to horses, the Muck boots are doing to overshoes. Most of the Muck boot generation, as well as nearly all guests that September, have no idea as to the purpose of a bread wrapper in a cowboy’s overshoes and I am going to leave the answer hanging. If you want to know the “why,” find Jerry, or some other cowboy who came of age in the ‘60s and ask them. Instead of talking bread wrappers, let me use the remainder of this column to explain the “why” behind a recent political point which superficially seems bizarre, yet is brilliant if you understand political strategy.

King Obama recently decreed all American schools will accommodate any and all of the government endorsed 15 sexes into the same restroom or locker room. School districts who ignore his royal order could lose federal funding and nothing brings the dependency class to their knees faster than the revocation of monies from Uncle Sam. If you are confused why the King would throw a bone to the transsexuals who make up less than 0.1 percent of the population, you are missing his point and this brings me to my point.

For years, progressives have indoctrinated Generations X, Y and the Millennials to HATE Christian conservatives because tolerance of their beliefs is the supreme ideal. Leftists do not want to defeat conservatives in the arena of ideas, they want them eliminated from the American culture. Anyone thinking there is a difference between the sexes will be aggressively attacked as an intolerant bigot, so all who disagree with the King’s new ruling instantly become inherently evil. With a single public announcement, President Obama has locked up his fully-indoctrinated progressive voter-base and now you know why.
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